Superbloom in California and the West

Map and directions where to go for super blooms of wildflowers in California.

Too crowded? Here is a gallery of poppy fields in Lake Elsinore's Walker Canyon you can admire from your screen.

Yes, you still have time to see the super bloom — if you know where to go

Wildflowers are busting out all over. In some spots, it's a super bloom. In others, it's just a beautiful display. Here are some places to see — Anza Borrego, Joshua Tree and Mojave Trails — and experience the bounty of blooms.

Can we have nice things? New super bloom rules hope to tame crowds and traffic

Overwhelmed by visitors, Lake Elsinore is imposing new rules for fans of the wildflower super bloom.

Other Western states where wildflowers will put on a show this spring and summer

You can find your fill of blooms across the West, where the wildflower season extends to the warmer months.

Beyond Walker Canyon: 4 places to see the super bloom and wildflowers

Swarms have led to problems at the Lake Elsinore spectacle, but worry not: Carpets of gold are showing in Carrizo monument east of San Luis Obispo. Closer to home: wildflowers in Griffith Park, Santa Catalina and Chino HIlls.

Are crowds ruining California’s super bloom? A debate over ‘poppy mania’

Lake Elsinore is reevaluating how best to handle all the sightseers, and officials are working on a new plan for the coming weekend. “We’re going to be changing our plan of attack,” Mayor Steve Manos said.

Superbloom starting? In Lake Elsinore’s poppy fields, definitely

Wildflowers at Walker Canyon along Interstate 15 are drawing thousands who snap their photos in the orange fields.