SoCal Close-Ups: Angelenos say the darndest things

Los Angeles Times staff writer

Who invented rocky road ice cream? What’s up in Little Ethiopia? What’s left to dig up at the La Brea tar pit? And what happens if I spin in the middle of all those street lights in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?

Every time we do another installment in our yearlong Southern California Close-Ups series, I go out and corner more Angelenos with a video camera. Like children, parents and candidates for public office, they say the darndest things. This time, as I prowled FairfaxAvenue and Wilshire Boulevard, they supplied answers to all of the questions above, and many more.

You can see the video here. And here you can find a story and photos that also cover Koreatown, West Hollywood and other neighborhoods in the heart of Los Angeles.

And don’t forget what David Kipen, the founder of Libros Schmibros lending library in Boyle Heights and a co-star of last month’s SoCal Close-Ups video, likes to say about his home town:

“Los Angeles is like your brain. You only ever use 20% of it. But imagine if we used it all.”