At San Diego airport, pets get their own indoor potty


If you’re traveling with a pet at San Diego International Airport, your four-footed friend can find a potty without having to go outside.

The pet relief area inside Terminal 2 features fake grass and a faux fire hydrant as well as two deodorizers, a hand-washing area and free baggies too.

“It’s with our other restrooms, men’s, women’s, family and animals,” airport spokeswoman Katie Jones says.


Jones says San Diego is one of a handful of airports nationwide that have created pet relief places in post-security areas. The airport already had four outdoor areas for passengers traveling with animals, all before security checkpoints.

At the indoor site, you still have to clean up after your dog (hence the free baggies), but maintenance workers also come in and hose down the area twice a day. Anyone leaving from Gates 20 to 51 will be able to access the site.

The pet potty opened in April as part of the airport’s $1 billion expansion of Terminal 2. (Full airport upgrades will debut Aug. 13). Jones says it fulfills a Department of Transportation requirement for airports to provide an area for service animals to relieve themselves. The airport extended its facilities to all pet-toting passengers and even canine units stationed at the airport.

San Diego isn’t the first in the nation to have an indoor pet restroom. Seattle Tacoma International Airport has one behind security in Concourse C at the main terminal, according to the airport’s website.
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