From the Archives: Homeless in L.A. in 1947


Responding to a citizen’s phone call, Los Angeles police found Linda Henderson, 7, and her dog Butch sleeping in the backseat of an automobile in the 700 block of South New Hampshire Avenue on June 17, 1947.

The citizen reported seeing the child sleeping in the car three nights in a row. Police left a note on the car, and took the child and dog to the Wilshire Station.

Henderson reported that she and her mother, Louise M. Carringer, had no place to live. Carringer confirmed they had been living in the car. She was charged with child neglect.


This photo was published on Page 1 of the June 18, 1947, Los Angeles Times. A search of The Times archives failed to turn up follow-up report on the homeless family.

This post was originally published on Dec. 20, 2011.

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