Britain votes to leave the European Union

Britons voted June 23 to leave the 28-nation European Union, a stunninge decision that appeared to defy economic reason and cast doubts over the future of the bloc that been a bulwark for peace and prosperity for the last six decades.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May vows to rise to the challenge of a split from the European Union

British prime minister David Cameron made his last appearance as prime minister before Parliament and handed over the leadership of Britain to Theresa May.

Boris Johnson, Britain's new foreign secretary, has a history of insulting people in other countries

Political observers worldwide groped for explanations Thursday as to why new British Prime Minister Theresa May  handed the sensitive post of foreign secretary to Boris Johnson

'Brexit' vote leaves English Premier League's future uncertain

The Brexit could affect the English Premiere League's future.

Beware of scary 'Brexit' headlines pushing you to buy gold

Beware that assets marketed as conservative and safe bought in a panic can sometimes wallop investors with losses they were trying to avoid

Congratulations, Theresa May. Now mind that 'glass cliff'

Studies show a disproportionate number of women and minorities reach positions of leadership at precarious times.

'Brexit' uncertainty leads IMF to trim forecast for global economy

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has led the International Monetary Fund to trim its forecast for global economic growth through 2017, but so far the impact has not been as severe as initially feared.

Incoming British prime minister gets set to begin — oh, and the cat gets to stay

Theresa May was put on notice that Europe expects decisions, and soon, about the timing and nature of Britain's disentanglement from the European Union

Britain's Theresa May expected to become the next prime minister; David Cameron to step down Wednesday

The next British prime minister is expected to be Theresa May, the country's home secretary. David Cameron to step down Wednesday

Unease along the open border of Northern Ireland and Ireland after the 'Brexit' vote

The open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland is a linchpin of the 1998 Good Friday agreement, but Britain's vote to leave the European Union risks upsetting the delicate status quo.

'Brexit' fallout fears weighed on Federal Reserve officials at June meeting, minutes show

Federal Reserve policymakers, already worried about after surprisingly weak U.S. job growth, expressed concerns at their most June meeting about the "potential economic and financial market consequences" of the British vote to leave the European Union, according to an account released Wednesday.

'Brexit' raises fears of global currency wars

Initial recovery from Brexit results proves short-lived as global financial markets fall and fears of currency wars rise

Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party, resigns after 'Brexit' victory

U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage says he is resigning as the head of the party,

Divided over immigration, one of Britain's most diverse cities voted for 'Brexit'

Indians, Pakistanis and other ethnic minorities in Birmingham were swayed by anti-immigrant campaigning and helped tilt the vote in Britain's second largest city toward leaving the EU.

Thousands march in London to protest 'Brexit' vote

Thousands of European Union supporters sang, danced and marched through the streets of London to protest Britain's vote to leave the EU.

In London's financial center, resignation about 'Brexit' — and a hope that nothing will change

London's financial sector is hoping against hope that it can survive Brexit with its international privileges intact.

The media can drone on about 'Brexit.' It's Britain's pubs where the true debate is carried out

As always with any crisis in Britain, it is in the pubs where the true debate is carried out.

How low can bond yields go after 'Brexit' sends investors fleeing to them once again?

Britain's vote to leave the European Union has sent rattled investors fleeing once again to the perceived safety of government bonds.

This British steel town got millions from the EU, but voted to leave anyway

In a hardscrabble former mining town in Wales, signs of European largesse are everywhere. Yet three out of five voters in the valley surrounding the town of Ebbw Vale endorsed leaving the EU.

Aid, trade and friendship: Will 'Brexit' hurt the world's most needy?

Brexit could threaten aid, trade & friendship between Europe and the developing world.

'Brexit' campaigner Boris Johnson withdraws from race to become Britain's prime minister

In shocking development, front-runner Boris Johnson withdraws from race for British Prime Minister

Here's what has to happen before Britain can leave the EU

A step-by-step look at what has to happen before Britain can leave the European Union, and what pitfalls may stand in its path.

Meet Boris Johnson, the man who could be Britain's next prime minister

The most prominent leader of Britain's campaign to exit the EU is now positioned to succeed David Cameron as prime minister. But could Brexit be his undoing?

In Britain, anxiety about immigration started long before the 'Brexit' vote

Britain's anxiety about EU immigration dates back decades

For thousands of Brits, France is home. But what happens after Brexit?

For thousands of Britons who live abroad in Europe, the vote to exit the European Union throws their futures into question. In Toulouse, many employees at the local Airbus plant are Brits.

European Union leaders pledge success as a 27-nation bloc, leave Britain's seat empty

European Union leaders insist the 27-member nation can cope with Brexit despite the departure of the country with the group's second-largest economy.

European leaders tell Britain's Cameron his nation should act quickly after 'Brexit' vote

European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels debated their response to a British vote to exit the union.

Graffiti at a Polish center in London sends a clear message: Some 'Brexit' supporters want immigrants out

Migrants from Poland and other European countries have changed the face of the United Kingdom, but they worry about their future amid the Brexit result and growing xenophobic attacks.

Merkel warns British against 'deluding themselves' in departure from EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in no uncertain terms that Britain can forget about any special favors or advantageous trading privileges with the group it wants to get away from

Brexit updates: What’s happening now that Britain voted to leave the EU

Britons voted Thursday to leave the 28-nation European Union, a stunning decision that appeared to defy economic reason and cast doubts over the future of the bloc that been a bulwark for peace and prosperity for the last six decades. Here's some of what we know: Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will step down by October. Secretary of State John Kerry in Brussels said the immediate U.S. priority was to keep channels of communication and cooperation open with a “strong” EU on terrorism, immigration and trade. Major U.S. stock indexes fell sharply again Monday and two leading companies cut Britain’s credit rating. Full coverage: Britain votes to leave the European Union Britain votes to leave the European Union >>

Britain voted to leave Europe, but how quickly will it pull the trigger?

The next debate over Britain's exit from the European Union is how quickly to move forward. Already, there are signs of "Bremorse."

Kerry attempts to soothe 'Brexit' fears in Europe

America's top diplomat sought to soothe fears Monday on both sides of the Atlantic as aftershocks of Great Britain's vote to withdraw from the European Union,

U.S. markets fall and U.K. credit rating cut; no crisis, Treasury chief says

Britain's vote to leave the European Union is a headwind for the U.S. economy but should not trigger another financial crisis, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said Monday.

'Brexit' fallout: On financial services, Britain snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

One year ago, British financial firms scored a huge victory over European rivals; now its victory is gone.

How Brexit affected Spain's election

Europe has been watching Spain to see how anger at the status quo might play out in another EU country after Brexit.

Brexit diminishes Britain and threatens European security

Voters in the U.K. are taking a huge risk that may turn Great Britain into Small England and shatter the international consensus that has given Europe more than three decades of peace.

U.S. stocks open lower; British pound falls further

U.S. stocks fell sharply in early trading Monday following another slide in European markets as investors grappled with the fallout of Britain's vote to leave the European Union.

UK Treasury chief tries to calm markets amid 'Brexit' fears

UK Treasury chief George Osborne sought to calm nerves in the markets as investors worried about the consequences of Britain leaving the European Union.

After 'Brexit' vote, Clinton calls for 'steady, experienced leadership'

Hillary Clinton pitched herself as an example of "steady, experienced leadership" and bipartisanship Sunday, just hours after the Senate's Republican leader,

Confusion and division reign as British ponder reality of EU exit

Across London on Sunday—indeed, across the entire country, from church pulpits to the offices of government ministers--confusion reigned about what the Brexit vote means.

'Brexit' is the European Union's chance to clean up its act

The EU's relationship with Britain can be dealt with later. Its first priority is to reform its out-dated institutions and policies.

German leader Angela Merkel urges caution on 'Brexit' talks as uncertainties grow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges caution in proceeding with Britain's exit from the EU, as the enormity of the European breakup begins to sink in

Britain's exit prompts reeling and rejoicing on Twitter

The day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Twitter users had a chance to react concisely with the hashtag #BrexitIn5Words. Here's a

'Brexit' could halt the growth of California trade with Britain

Here's how the Brexit decision is affecting California companies working in imports and exports, finance, entertainment and technology.

Here's what Britain's vote to leave the EU tells us about the U.S. presidential election

The Britons who voted to take their country out of the European Union were predominantly white, working class, older and deeply upset about immigration.

Joe Biden, in a speech in Ireland, warns against blaming immigrants for unrest

Vice President Joe Biden will warn Friday against "reactionary politicians and demagogues" who blame immigrants for economic and societal unrest and appeal

What investment managers are saying about 'Brexit'

The landmark "Brexit" vote, Jeffrey Gundlach said, is evidence we're living in an increasingly uncooperative world. That's why he said he's betting on gold, short-term bonds and other assets seen as

'Brexit' vote sparks 'grieving' in Britain's film and TV industries

How the U.K.'s exit from the E.U. will impact Hollywood

The British establishment didn't think 'Brexit' could win, but it did. Here's why.

Where did the British establishment go wrong? Where did the "remain" campaign fail? What were the issues on which it turned? The bullet points of failure.

Will the 'Brexit' mark the end of the age of globalization?

Britain's vote to leave EU is latest sign that the world's post-WWII march toward globalization is running into a populist backlash in Western democracies amid stagnant wages and job losses. 40in

'Brexit' breakdown: What happens when Britain's not in Europe anymore?

Britain is getting ready to exit the E.U. What does that mean for the rest of the world?

Britain looks to next steps after historic vote to leave European Union

Britain's move to leave the 28-nation European Union shook the historic alliance and opened the door to economic turbulence.

Fateful O'Hare Airport pizza meeting sealed Brexit vote deal: British media

Britain's prime minister agreed to a deal granting voters the EU referendum at a pizzeria at O'Hare International Airport in 2012, UK media are reporting.

Stock market plunges, but 'Brexit' unlikely to spark a U.S. recession

British rejection of the EU is setback for global economy. You may never have cared about Brexit, but your 401(k) is about to take a hit and the future of globalization is facing new uncertainty.40in

The EU's stalwarts are forlorn as Britain sails away

Brussels struggles to plan for the future of a Europe that may no longer include one of its wealthiest and most powerful members. How will the EU respond?

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he will step down after historic vote to leave European Union

Britons voted Thursday to leave the 28-nation European Union, a historic vote that could profoundly reshape Europe’s economy.

'Brexit' means traveling to the U.K. will likely be much cheaper this summer

For travelers and the travel industry, Brexit could have major implications.

British scientists are freaking out about 'Brexit' too

Scientists in the U.K. were overwhelmingly opposed to 'Brexit.' Now that it's happening, here's what they want politicians to keep in mind.

Brexit's lesson: Do not underestimate angry voters

Britain's stunning vote to leave the EU was part of a dramatic internal struggle over the country's identity. Sound familiar?

Three reasons why Americans should care about 'Brexit'

The vote to exit the 28-nation EU bloc is a move that will have an impact on Americans’ investment portfolios, retirement savings and more.

British celebrities and musicians react to 'Brexit' vote

A collection of U.K. celebrity reactions to news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

Confused? We break down the 'Brexit' vote for you

Now that British voters have voted to leave the European Union, how does that happen? Are their legal challenges ahead? A Q & A.

'Brexit' shock waves rock Germany and the rest of Europe

'Brexit' shockwaves jolt Germany, other European nations

Asian, European markets drop on news of Britain's EU exit

Asian markets drop on news of Britain's EU exit

'Brexit' is just a symptom of a larger crisis

People only defer to unaccountable rulers so long as things are moving in the right direction.

The isolationist catastrophe of 'Brexit'

The costs of Brexit will be substantial, and the vote doesn't resolve debates over Britain's relationship with Europe.