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Pop culture's burlesque Bosch: Mad magazine's Jack Davis set the bar high in comic art and movie posters
Back stories and mannerisms help Tatiana Maslany keep her many characters clearly defined

For four seasons of the BBC America hit “Orphan Black,” Tatiana Maslany had done the seemingly impossible: Play an ever-expanding cast of clones to disparate and desperate perfection.

Raised separately and long unaware of each other, each woman — up to 12 at this point — may bear an essential similarity to the other, but each is completely and utterly different.

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Deep thoughts with Anthony Anderson: 'How does Lawry's penetrate' tilapia?

The “black-ish” tribute to Norman Lear’s 1970s comedy “Good Times” felt like the perfect ending to an Emmy-nominated season that found the ABC comedy examining controversial issues in the same manner that Lear’s vintage shows (“All in the Family,” “Maude,” “The Jeffersons”) did back in the day.

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Derek Waters' 'Drunk History' looks at the past through a glass, drunkly

"Drunk History," so simple, so complex, so Emmy-nominated. Briefly put, it is a show in which comedians and writers of comedy get drunk -- eventually really, really drunk -- and tell a story from history, which then becomes the soundtrack for a fully produced re-enactment of that story.

It's funny in both obvious and sneaky ways.

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A few seconds of screen time cost 'Veep' actor Peter MacNicol an Emmy nomination

A few seconds of screen time cost actor Peter MacNicol an Emmy nomination.

The “Veep” ensemble member, nominated last week for an Emmy for guest actor in a comedy, has been ruled ineligible by the Television Academy and will be replaced in the category.

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'Ghostbusters' scares up a win at Friday's box office, but 'Pets' likely to top the weekend

For movie fans in search of a new action comedy on Friday, who did they call? “Ghostbusters.”

The Paul Feig-directed Sony/Columbia comedy reboot starring Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy scared up $17.2 million on Friday, on its way to an estimated $46.5 million U.S. box office in its opening weekend.

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