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'Saturday Night Live's' Pete Davidson, medical marijuana fan, has quit drugs: 'I ... am happy and sober'

Pete Davidson of "Saturday Night Live" just explained why he's "kinda been missing" from the show and from social media: The medical marijuana fan was busy kicking drugs.

"Just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay...," the 23-year-old comic said Monday night on Instagram. "I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years."

"SNL" honcho Lorne Michaels told the New York Times in October 2015, "Pete’s really focused for someone who mostly talks about how much pot he smokes."

In April 2016, the comic taped a stand-up special that aired in October on Comedy Central. In it, he joked about going to rehab during his holiday break as a Christmas gift to his mom.

"I tried to go to rehab because I wanted to smoke weed less. I didn't even want to quit," he said. "Don't tell anybody that in rehab, by the way."

Davidson has been very open about smoking weed, telling High Times last September that medical marijuana was the only thing that allowed him to function with the Crohn's disease he came down with when he was "17 or 18." (You do the math.)

He said weed worked better than the medicines he was being prescribed and was the only thing that allowed him to eat food — or do "SNL."

"Me performing not high has gone awful. It’s awful for me because I don’t feel well," Davidson said, smoking a joint during the 2016 High Times interview, part of which you can watch below.

"I know everyone's offended today, but I kind of do get a little offended when people are just like, you're just a pothead watching cartoons," he added. "I work really ... hard and I take care of my [life], and I need weed in order to do that because I have — I'm sick, I have Crohn's, so it sucks."

Now it's different, Davidson's Instagram post would suggest.

"It wasn't easy, but I got a great girl, great friends and I consider myself a lucky man," he wrote. "I'll always be here for you guys, I promise. Remember to never give up hope because sometimes that's all we got. We are a family and I appreciate all your love and support. It's nice to be back in action."

The High Times video is below, and includes some instances of profanity.

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