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More pushback over plastic bags and bans

To the editor: Who says the ban on plastic bags is “much-needed”? Government? The same people who encouraged us to switch to plastic years ago to “save a tree”?

We switched to plastic and stores stopped offering paper bags. Now you tell stores to offer paper again but at a fee (tax?), which will be used to “help” us switch? (Re “Ban the bag,” Editorial, Aug. 28)
We are a bunch of sheep looking to the government to make all our decisions. Doesn’t it have anything better to do? Unemployment? High taxes? Poor schools?
And why are shoppers who use food stamps exempt? Are they incapable of bringing their own bags?

And why pick on plastic bags? What about plastic water and soda bottles and plastic cups?

Thousands of shoppers are providing their own bags voluntarily without government interference. Why not let the stores decide if they want to provide bags and let the customers decide if they want to bring their own? Remember the free market?

Bobbie Sanocki, Bakersfield


To the editor:  So it’s “in the bag,” oh sure!

Once again, the dummies in Sacramento are ambushed by the rhetoric about old poor “bag” ladies needing plastic bags for groceries, which now fill oceans, landfills, vacant lots and beaches and are not being recycled.

I agree with The Times.

Michael L.Friedman,  Torrance


To the editor: Yesterday I saw a woman leaving the market with her cart full to the top. She had opted not to pay the 10-cent-per-bag fee.

What I do not understand was that her cart was loaded with $4 bags of chips and bags of cookies and ice cream.

She was willing to spend tons on junk food but not a dime for a bag.

This tells me way more about what is important to people these days.

Audrey Fox, North Hollywood

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