What about climate change? (And other complaints about our list of New Year's wishes)

To the editor: I am so disappointed that among The Times Editorial Board’s 28 wishes for the new year, climate change, the most pressing problem facing humankind, received such trivial treatment. (“A balancing of power between genders, an end to Trump’s Twitter feed and other wishes for 2018,” editorial, Dec. 30)

My disappointment wouldn’t be as great if the Los Angeles Times was not such a leader in reporting and affirming the science of global warming, connecting the dots between a warming Earth and the devastating impacts of more frequent and intense storms, droughts, floods and wildfires.

The fossil fuel industry has spent billions funding a handful of shameless scientists, lavishing money on dishonest politicians and media outlets, spreading the lie that climate science is unsettled and that any actions to address it will cost jobs and ruin the economy.

In 2018, expose this untruth, report the urgent warnings from scientists, deny space to climate deniers, and educate your readers about promising policies which could transition us to a clean energy future.

Bob Taylor, Newport Beach


To the editor: I enjoyed your wish list for 2018, and I agree with almost all of your suggestions. But I have one thing I’d like to add: fewer articles about President Trump.

We need to be informed about what the government is doing, but not every tweet or thought in the president’s head is newsworthy. Regardless of whether the coverage of him is positive or negative, it’s simply too much.

Although I have no way to measure this, I’d bet that the volume of articles on Trump far outpaces the coverage Barack Obama was getting at this point in his presidency. I, for one, need a breather.

Susan Jacobs, Studio City


To the editor: You wish for “a reduction in partisanship posing as news, and increasing resources for clear-eyed and independent journalism.” This has been long overdue at The Times.

Kathleen Slaton, Granada Hills

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