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L.A. congressional candidate Alejandra Campoverdi makes healthcare debate personal in first TV ad

Congressional hopeful Alejandra Campoverdi, who's running to replace Xavier Becerra in Los Angeles, opened up to the Washington Post recently about her family's history with breast cancer.

That history is also the subject of her first TV ad of the campaign, which focuses on healthcare and Campoverdi's work in the Obama administration, where she says she helped pass Obamacare.

The 30-second ad features her mother, a breast cancer survivor, and a photo of her grandmother, who succumbed to the disease.

"This debate isn't about politics, it's personal for millions of Americans," Campoverdi says in the ad, which is scheduled to air on cable networks starting Friday. "If Donald Trump wants to have a conversation about women's bodies, let's start with mine."

Campoverdi, a former Obama White House employee who also previously worked for the Los Angeles Times, revealed in the Post interview that she has been diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene, which significantly heightens her risk of developing breast cancer. She said she plans to have a preventative double mastectomy at a later date.

She is one of 23 candidates running to fill a seat vacated by Xavier Becerra in the April 4 special election. The top two vote-getters are expected to advance to a runoff election in June.

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