As he investigates Trump's aides, special counsel's record shows surprising flaws

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U.S. service member killed in Yemen identified as Navy SEAL from Illinois

A Navy SEAL from the Virginia-based elite unit known as SEAL Team 6 was killed Sunday during an unusual nighttime raid that put U.S. troops on the ground against Al Qaeda leaders in the middle of war-torn Yemen.

The fallen sailor was identified Monday as Chief Special Warfare Operator William "Ryan" Owens, 36, of Peoria, Ill..

Three other Americans were wounded in the raid and an MV-22 Osprey had to be destroyed after the aircraft suffered a “hard landing” and couldn’t fly. Another U.S. service member was injured in that crash.

The raid marked the first known counter-terrorism operation and first confirmed combat fatality under President Trump.

Steele writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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