No Blake Griffin sighting at tonight's Clippers game

There won’t be any Blake Griffin sighting at tonight’s Clippers-Lakers game.

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said Griffin was not here so that his team could focus on playing the Lakers.

Another no-show here is Clippers assistant equipment manager Matias Testi, Rivers said.

Last weekend Griffin suffered a broken right hand while punching Testi while they were having dinner together at a Toronto restaurant.

Rivers said Griffin and Testi have talked.

The Clippers coach also talked about the need for forgiveness -- and noted that a library was built for Richard Nixon.

Rivers also invoked another former president, saying he felt like Bill Clinton, because Rivers had to answer questions about the amount of alcohol involved in the Griffin fight fiasco.

Rivers was also asked whether Griffin needed anger management; Rivers said he didn’t know.

It will be interesting to see whether Griffin is featured in any scoreboard segments tonight, in what is a Clippers-designated home game, to gauge the fan reaction.

Paul Pierce, 38, and Kobe Bryant, 37, are not playing tonight. 

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