Boys' basketball: City Section is dropping case against View Park Prep

Eric Sondheimer
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City Section Commissioner John Aguirre said Friday there will be no pursuit of going to trial against View Park Prep after a judge issued a temporary restraining order that will allow the boys' basketball team to participate in the Division I playoffs.

"We're going with the decision," Aguirre said. "We're moving forward."

View Park had been banned from this year's playoffs as punishment for using an ineligible player all last season. The school never submitted transfer paperwork on the player, so Aguirre imposed a fine and suspension for this season's playoffs. City Section rules are stiffer than those in the state CIF rulebook.

But the judge questioned the City Seciton bylaw, 200c, and Aguirre said the Board of Managers is in the process of revising the rule.

View Park had exhausted its appeal process before going to court on Thursday and winning. Playoff seeds will be announced on Saturday.

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