Which Clipper would make the best coach? Doc Rivers has two answers

Asked which player on his team would make the best coach, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers had two answers

Asked Saturday which player on his team would make the best coach, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers had two answers. They might not be whom you would expect.

Rivers picked J.J. Redick as the "most likely" choice, and Jamal Crawford as the "surprise."

He went on to explain why he didn't select superstars Blake Griffin, Chris Paul or DeAndre Jordan.

"There's no way they'd have the tolerance because they were so good," Rivers said. "Like Blake or D.J. or C.P., there's no way, because they see things that no one else could see and that would drive them nuts."

Rivers, who coached the Boston Celtics to a championship in 2008, said he thinks Crawford would make a good choice because of how he studies the game.

"His IQ and knowledge of the game is unbelievable," Rivers said. "I think he would be the guy who no one would think. And he has a great demeanor."

Crawford was surprised when he heard his coach's selection: "Are you serious?" he asked. "Really? Wow."

However, he went on to say he wouldn't have much interest in the position.

"At this level you have to deal with so many different personalities, and so many people, and so many different things," he said. "I'm not sure I could be a great head coach. I would do high school for sure."

Redick had a similar reaction.

"I don't think I'm going to coach in the NBA," he said. "I never say never to things but, to me, the hardest part about this job is the lifestyle, just with all of the travel and everything. Depending on how many years I want to play, I feel like when I'm done, I would owe it to my family to not travel as much."

Redick agreed with Rivers that Crawford would be a great selection: "I definitely could see that. Jamal, his drug is basketball."

Crawford said he could see himself working in the front office for an NBA team, or even as an assistant coach.

His love for basketball is known around the league as being unparalleled. Before he got married over the summer, he celebrated his bachelor party by organizing a pickup game with NBA players.

"I mean, what NBA guy calls other NBA guys in the summer to ask them to come to Seattle to play basketball?" Rivers said.

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