Los Angeles sharing Olympics with San Francisco? Not so fast

Just because the IOC would allow it doesn't mean Los Angeles and San Francisco want to share the Olympics

A novel idea has made the rounds the last few weeks: Bitter rivals Los Angeles and San Francisco, both hoping to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, could split the Games between them.

The notion stems from reforms passed earlier this month by the International Olympic Committee, one of which would allow neighboring regions to cohost, thereby sharing events and costs.

But at a U.S. Olympic Committee meeting here on Tuesday, a leader for San Francisco’s bid appeared to nix the possibility.

“That didn’t come up,” Giants Chief Executive Larry Baer said. “That wasn’t something that, to our knowledge, is on the table.”

His comment followed a morning of presentations before the USOC's board of directors, which also heard from Boston and Washington on Tuesday. Later in the day the board decided which city's bid it will submit to the IOC for the 2024 Games, but it isn't expected to name the city until later this month or early next year.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed confidence in L.A.'s chances.

“There was very positive feedback,” he said. “Who knows? I think we have four great American cities.”

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