Trinidad and Tobago waiting to get medals stripped from U.S. sprinters

Trinidad and Tobago could be awarded silver medal stripped from U.S. men's relay team from 2012 Olympics

A day after they stripped the U.S. men's sprint relay team of its silver medal from the 2012 London Games, officials with the International Olympic Committee still had some decisions to make.

The IOC could bump third-place Trinidad and Tobago into the second spot and award the bronze to fourth-place France.

"I look forward to receiving some official correspondence from the IOC," Brian Lewis, president of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, told reporters in his country. "The TTOC is just as anxious as everyone else to have closure in this particular matter."

The Americans were punished because one of their runners, Tyson Gay, subsequently tested positive for steroids.

Gay returned his medal when he was sanctioned last year. His teammates must now follow suit.

"We will begin efforts to have the medals returned, and support all measures to protect clean athletes," the U.S. Olympic Committee said Wednesday.

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