For the Record - May 7, 2022


Murder conviction: In an article about a double murder conviction in the May 4 California section, a response from Orange County Dist. Atty. Todd Spitzer to allegations that he made racist comments while discussing the case with prosecutors was included in the story online but did not appear in the printed version. He said that allegations of “any racial animus or bias against the defendant are baseless and quite frankly offensive.” He also said, “There is not one iota of truth that my office is engaged in any racial bias in this case or any other case.”

Harold Livingston obituary: In the May 1 California section, the obituary of pilot and screenwriter Harold Livingston said he helped fly war-torn German fighter jets into Israel in 1948. The fighter planes were propeller-driven and had been assembled using German parts and plans left over when World War II ended.

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