CHP Again Drops Glendale College Property as Potential Station Site

The California Highway Patrol is no longer interested in Glendale Community College property that was once considered the top choice as a new location for its Glendale station, officials said Wednesday.

Lt. Phil Downs said the two-acre site on Mountain Street adjacent to the Glendale Freeway is too small for CHP's needs and does not provide adequate freeway access.

The college site was eliminated once before for the same reasons. It was struck from the top of the CHP list last year, but officials said in November that the college site again was being seriously considered after negotiations on an Altadena location broke down between the state Department of General Services and the owner of the property.

The CHP is renewing its search for a new location. Glendale station Capt. Truman (Bud) Dennis went to Sacramento on Wednesday to discuss possible sites with state officials. Downs would not specify which locations are now at the top of the CHP list but said that an announcement would soon be made on the status of the search.

The current CHP station at 6801 San Fernando Road has been in operation since 1968 but now it is too small for its 58 officers and 23 cars, Dennis said.

Officers with the Glendale CHP station patrol portions of four freeways stretching from Pasadena to Sun Valley.

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