An article in The Times (Jan. 14) reported that the Los Angeles fire stations are closing their pole openings because of "health hazards due to diesel fumes rising from below."

Doesn't this say what many of us have been saying for years--that we must do away with diesel trucks and cars?

I have driven behind trucks, seen and smelled the stink, and felt the discomfort. To me, it seems simple--gradually work it out over a few years. At the California border the truck loads could be disengaged from the diesel-powered fronts and attached to a cab with a motor that is not diesel-powered.

Sure, you'll get lots of static from large trucking companies as well as individual truck owners, and from owners of diesel cars. But it could be worked out so that diesels are gradually eliminated from California. It is so obvious that this is one of the largest causes of smog that I often wonder why it has not been done long before.


Laguna Hills

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