Saving the lives of Lost Dogs and Cats

Last Oct. 23, the Irvine City Council voted unanimously to change the existing policy on the euthanasia of animals at the Irvine Animal Care Center. The new policy states that, beginning on Jan. 1, no animal will be kept at the Irvine Animal Care Center longer than 45 days, and at the end of that period will be destroyed.

Dogs and cats at the center will be destroyed on Friday if they have been at the shelter for 45 days or longer. This can be prevented.

Kennel and cat runs can be sponsored so that animals who have stayed the full 45 days may be placed in these runs to stay for longer periods until they find homes and families.

Donations will be accepted immediately for these runs in order that poor homeless animals can remain at the shelter until adopted. Remember, the deadline is Friday. There are several plans for sponsoring of dog or cat runs.

More information can be obtained by phoning Elaine Anthony, president of Promotion of Animal Well-Being, at 854-7471.


Mission Viejo

Now that the dog Hobo has been identified and is back home, may I say his problem is quite common?

As a humane volunteer for many years, I have found that only too often are we faced with an old, out-of-town tag. My opinion is that Hobo was looking for his original owner.

Hobo was lucky to get TV exposure and The Times' photos and stories. We who must handle the problem of these lost creatures that cannot speak for themselves are most grateful for the publicity.

For the future, we urge all pet owners to remember how important an identification tag can be. It can make the difference between having a pet face euthanasia as a possible solution or having it returned home safely.


Laguna Hills

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