Saddleback Swimmers Finish Second

The Saddleback College men's and women's swim teams each finished second in the team competition of the third Saddleback Swimming Pentathlon held Saturday at Saddleback.

The men's division was won by Chaffey College in a time of 23:50.42, followed by Saddleback (24:09.99) and Ventura (24:32.56). Ventura won the women's division in a time of 12:57.94, followed by Saddleback (13:06.80) and Mesa (13:24.10).

The pentathlon is a combination of five swimming events--the freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke individual medley. The men swim twice the distance as the women.

Saddleback's Manny Gutierrez was the meet's top male with a time of 5:42.91, followed by Saddleback's Rhett CheePing (5:49.75) and Mesa's Beau Barnum (5:54.04).

Mesa's Maria Unmuss was the fastest woman in a time of 3:05.98, followed by Ventura's Mimi Johnson (3:08.58) and Chaffey's Anne Fitzpatrick (3:09.94).

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