I found Rone Tempest's article (March 19) concerning the remnants of the British Raj in India very interesting. The piece was well-written and, for The Times, mercifully short.

It was, however, unfair to English cricket when it cited India's dominance in the so-called World Championship of Cricket (recently played in Australia) as an example of the students' mastery over their teachers. As I'm sure Tempest is well aware--but for some reason failed to mention--only days before the Australian one-day matches began, England completed a long and exhausting tour of the subcontinent. Over a period of almost two months, England won a series of five test matches (each lasting five days) by a total of 2-1 with two matches drawn. England also won the series of one-day international matches played against India.

Bearing these results in mind, to say that the students have surpassed their teachers just wasn't cricket.


La Crescenta

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