Police Recover $270,000 in Swindle Probe

Associated Press

Police armed with a search warrant found $131,600 in a safe deposit box Monday as they continued to investigate the swindle of a 76-year-old Los Angeles man.

Metro Police Lt. Joe Greenwood said $270,000 has now been recovered in the scam and another $30,000 to $40,000 is missing.

Found in Safe Deposit Box

The money was in a safe deposit box rented to Den and Judy Miller and was contained in a pillowcase, Greenwood said.

The Millers and Susan Tom were arrested last week after detectives in Maywood, Calif., learned that Judy Miller, also known as Judy Ely, had married the 76-year-old man in Las Vegas on March 23.

Police said the man transferred more than $300,000 to several Las Vegas banks, then made Miller a signatory on the accounts.

The victim's name was not released by police. The man, who was reported by police to be senile, was returned to his family in California late last week.

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