Who Says Southland Fans Are 'Better Behaved'?

I wish to disagree with your article characterizing Southern California baseball fans as "better behaved" than their Eastern counterparts. Earlier this summer at a Padres' game, we sat across the aisle from a rowdy, loud bunch, whose ringleader celebrated the first inning by soaking a tampon in beer and throwing it onto the deck below. Mellower than a New York brawl, maybe, but equally repugnant.

However, my most serious objection to Southland fans is their self-centeredness and lack of social consideration in bringing radios to the game and playing them at a loud enough volume that others are forced to partake of the play-by-play. We wish to experience the game itself, without being told what is happening, along with trivia ad nauseum in the case of some announcers.

One lady said she would turn her radio down if we would quit cheering so that she could "hear what was happening in the game." This confirmed my suspicion that many local fans haven't any idea what's going on on the field until Vin, Ross or Jerry tells them! This was also the last time I bothered going to Dodger Stadium.


Los Angeles

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