Police Chief Requests Hearing

Embattled Police Chief Samuel L. Buntyn has requested a hearing to block the city's efforts to fire him. The city had notified Buntyn that he would be terminated automatically last Tuesday unless he asked for the hearing. The termination date has been suspended pending the outcome of the hearing, City Manager John Bernardi said.

A draft of a letter of termination obtained by The Times shows that Buntyn faces 10 charges, including allegations that he tried to influence a promotion board of review and sexually harassed a subordinate. Buntyn's attorney, Ronald Stillman, said he has asked for more documentation of the charges.

"There was virtually no detail at all or substance in terms of what investigation had been done into the allegations," Stillman said. "The information provided to us at this point in time was really not sufficient for us to be able to answer the charges."

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