Madolyn Smith and Tom Berenger have been...

Madolyn Smith and Tom Berenger have been set for the leading roles in "If Tomorrow Comes," a six-hour miniseries that CBS is producing from the novel by Sidney Sheldon. Smith and Berenger play thieves who fall in love, then get involved in a major crime caper that brings them into conflict with an investigator played by David Keith. The project is filming in Los Angeles, New Orleans, England, France and Amsterdam.

Shari Belafonte-Harper and LeVar Burton are starring in a Halloween movie for ABC called "The Midnight Hour." It's billed as a comedy-thriller about what happens when a 300-year-old ghost shows up at a costume party. Also in the cast are Dick Van Patten, Kevin McCarthy, Jonelle Allen, Lee Montgomery and Jonna Lee.

Hal Holbrook, David McCallum and Ray Sharkey are starring in a TV movie for NBC that also will serve as the pilot for a possible series about American spies working in London during World War II. It's called "OSS," as in Office of Strategic Services. According to the network, the show will focus not only on the war-related activities but also on "life in London during the blitz, Anglo-American relations and big-band music."

Ron Reagan Jr. has gone to work at ABC and now President Reagan's other son, Michael, has landed a TV job, too. He'll be a reporter on a new syndicated series that premieres in October, "All About Us," hosted by Ron Hendren. The magazine-format series will report on human interest stories.

People: William Katt, son of actress Barbara Hale and the former star of "The Greatest American Hero," has joined his mother in the cast of "The Return of Perry Mason," a TV movie that will air on NBC this season. He'll play Paul Drake Jr., son of the character originally played by the late William Hopper. . . . Mary Ann Mobley has replaced Dixie Carter as Conrad Bain's wife in "Diff'rent Strokes," the veteran comedy series that is moving from NBC to ABC this fall. . . . Burt Reynolds is directing a show for the coming "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" series on NBC. . . . As in years gone by, Johnny Carson will celebrate his anniversary as "Tonight Show" host with a two-hour special in prime time, during which he'll show clips of favorite segments, spotlighting his 23rd year. The program is due to air on NBC Sept. 29.

Jade Chin, a 10-year-old girl from Vancouver, has landed the title role in "The Story of Linn Yann," a TV movie for ABC about the girl who, three years after fleeing her native Cambodia, won a spelling contest in the United States. Kieu Chinh will portray the girl's mother, and Wayne Rogers and Mary Kay Place will play the couple who opened their home in Chattanooga, Tenn., to the refugees.

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