Karpov, Kasparov Play to a Draw After 27 Moves

Associated Press

The sixth game of the World Chess Championship between titlist Anatoly Karpov and challenger Gary Kasparov ended in a draw Thursday after Kasparov’s 27th move.

Karpov, who was playing white, thought for 26 minutes before accepting the draw. In the final position, Karpov was a pawn ahead.

Karpov now leads in the match 3 1/2 points to 2 1/2. The next game is scheduled for Saturday.

Kasparov made a strong start by winning the opening game of the match. The next two games were draws and Karpov then won two in a row.

Here are the moves: Karpov-Kasparov 6: 1 d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 nc3 be7 4 nf3 nf6 5 bg5 h6 6 b:f6 b:f6 7 e3 o-o 8 qd2 d:c4 9 b:c4 nd7 10 o-o c5 11 r(f)d1 c:d4 12 n:d4 nb6 13 be2 bd7 14 bf3 rb8 15 ne4 b:d4 16 q:d4 ba4 17 q:d8 r(f):d8 18 r:d8ch r:d8 19 nc5 rd2 20 b3 bc6 21 n:b7 b:f3 22 g:f nd7 23 kg2 g5 24 b4 nb6 25 kf1 nd7 26 kg2 nb6 27 kf1 nd7 (draw)