Those going-home-to-Greece spots aren’t going anywhere but off the air for now, “because of the recent incidents in the Libyan area and the problems with Reagan and Kadafi,” said a spokeswoman for the Greek National Tourist Organization. The spots should be back this fall.

As payment, the 39 “Greek” stars who alternate in the spots (like Patty Duke, Joe Namath, Simon Mac Corkindale, Brenda Vaccaro, Roddy McDowall, Eva Marie Saint, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Harry Morgan and Joanna Cassidy) and their family members--and some agents--get free flights to Greece, hotel accommodations and a nice cruise.

The spokeswoman wouldn’t say if any stars were going “home” soon--or if any had cancelled trips. They have two years to use the tickets (Olympic Airways first-class round-trips from L.A. cost $2,400, tourist class $819) and they can’t swap them for cash.