LETTERS : JC Athletics Cuts

Thanks for your outstanding article on the Los Angeles Community College athletic program. We have received many positive reactions from many groups and individuals because of your article. Mayor Tom Bradley even contacted us regarding the problem.

Your article also revealed some of the real reasons for this cutback in the athletic program, the real target being the reduction of the physical education and health programs in the district. This has brought a response from the National Fitness Foundation, which requested time to address the issue at the Board of Trustees meeting on June 11.

Our sincere hope is that the inner city youths of the community colleges will receive equal opportunities to develop and enhance their physical skills, athletic abilities and scholastic endeavors through the continuance and expansion of the athletic programs, and the retention of the physical education and health programs.

Thanks again for your combined efforts on behalf of the men and women student-athletes of the Los Angeles Community College District.


Physical education teacher

East Los Angeles College

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