Now He'll Only Be Diving Into Home

When Blair Nogosek enrolled at Cal State Northridge four years ago, he thought he would put baseball behind him.

Nogosek went to CSUN on a diving scholarship and, even though he'd batted as high as .440 playing baseball at Birmingham and Monroe high schools, he knew it was his ability on the diving board that would land him a scholarship in college, not his prowess at third base.

As it turned out, the diver picked the right sport. He was named as an NCAA Division II All-American eight times. This year, he won national titles in the 1-meter and 3-meter events.

But now that Nogosek has used up his four years of eligibility in diving, he's turning his attention to baseball again. Under Division II rules, Nogosek has another year of eligibility in any sport other than diving.

"It could've been volleyball, basketball, anything, but I wanted baseball," he said.

Nogosek is working out, taking batting practice and running. "I've definitely got a long way to go," he said after a recent workout.

In CSUN's August tryouts, he'll see if he can hit a baseball as well as he could hit the water.

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