Tree Trimming in Laguna Beach

While I took pride in seeing my lovely young wife and son on Friday's (Feb. 6) Orange County Digest, I found the caption explaining the photo of work on the Laguna Canyon Senior Housing Project lacking in detail.

While developer Alan Baldwin explained that the trees were being trimmed only (up) to the 25-foot level, he failed to mention his instructions to strip all branches to the 40-foot level, the height of the trees. Only the fact that their equipment would not lift them that high and the request by the animal control officer, concerned with hundreds of nesting birds, saved the trees.

This token senior housing project is so overpriced that the same number of units could be purchased from existing dwellings for sale for the same amount of money. The city manager admitted that the project would not be cost-effective.

Years ago, land in north Laguna was offered to the city for senior housing but turned down because the North Laguna associations did not want it--simple as that, case closed. We have been fighting years now to save our much-needed buffer of land while the city insists upon exploiting it, even if for only eight housing units.


Laguna Beach

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