Selections Criticized

Once again an outstanding high school athlete has been neglected by those who have little or no knowledge of his ability. Ennerea Maxwell, Birmingham High's most consistent player throughout the year, selected as Northwest Valley League player of the year, Los Angeles Times player of the week and the reason why Birmingham was in the 3-A City final, was not selected to the first team all-tournament team for the L.A. City basketball tournament. Why did this happen? How can this type of injustice be rectified in the future? A few simple solutions follow:

1) Change the name of the team from all-tournament to all-final game. No one on the selection committee was at any other game but the final.

2) Pick a 3-A and a 4-A tournament team.

3) Put five players plus the most valuable player on the first team.

4) Make it a requirement that those on the selection committee see more than one playoff game.

5) Put the 3-A semifinals at the same place as the 4-A so those who are going to pick the team can see at least two games.

6) Include on the selection committee school athletic directors, administrators and coaches who have been involved with all the playoffs.

It is my sincere hope that changes can be made so that deserving players are not overlooked. It doesn't help the past mistakes but it can be a start.

Jeff Halpern

Birmingham basketball coach

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