Raiders Eye Missouri Tackle Clay

Times Staff Writer

And the newest prospect for the Raiders' No. 1 choice in Tuesday's draft is . . .

Missouri tackle John Clay.

Originally considered the top lineman in the draft and one of the top five picks overall, the 6-foot 4-inch, 290-pound Clay lost ground after the regular season ended. He ballooned to 315 for the Blue-Grey game and was marked down on attitude by a lot of scouts. The Raiders, however, seem delighted at the prospect of his being available by their selection, No. 15.

How interested are they? Enough that they're sending someone to stop at Clay's home in St. Louis this weekend.

Clay is generally regarded as physically gifted, perhaps even more than Atlanta's Bill Fralic. Tampa Bay line coach, Larry Beightol, who coached Clay at Mizzou and Fralic at Atlanta, has said he'd take Clay.

The Raiders' daily quarterback update:

There are reports they're talking to St. Louis about Neil Lomax, whom the Cardials are shopping everywhere.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted a Cardinal source who says they're asking for the Raiders' No. 1 draft choice. The source said the Raiders are offering their No. 2 and a player.

Ron Jaworski isn't likely to become the Raiders' quarterback answer. His tryout was generally regarded as unimpressive, and he had few backers in the front office, anyway.

After Friday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers-San Francisco 49ers deal involving Steve Young, the St. Peterburg Times quoted an unnamed Buccaneer official as saying it was made only after a three-way deal with the Cardinals and the Raiders fell through. The Cardinals would have gotten Young, the Raiders Lomax and the Buccaneers a Raider draft choice.

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