Huntington Beach : Principal to Rule Today on Dateless Prom Issue

Edison High School Principal Jack Kennedy will decide today) whether a Huntington Beach teen-ager will be allowed to attend her high school prom without a date, school authorities said Tuesday.

Kennedy, activities director Bill Tangeman and two representatives of the Student Senate met Tuesday for nearly two hours with Perry and Loretta Westly, parents of student Shawnda Westly.

"It was a lot of talk," Perry Westly said. "The students pretty much wanted to stand with tradition."

Shawnda, 16, thrust the school into a quandary by asking to go to the May 30 prom with her girlfriends rather than with a male date. Kennedy will decide after meeting with the school's Student Senate at 10:30 a.m., a school spokeswoman said.

Westly said he "feels very strongly" that no school activity should be allowed to discriminate. "If the decision is negative, we would like to go forward on this legally," he said.

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