Vice President Don Nelson of the Golden...

Vice President Don Nelson of the Golden State Warriors wrote a resignation letter this week because he did not want the franchise to lose a first-round draft choice to Milwaukee as compensation for his job change, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

The paper said the letter was destroyed after an agreement was reached to send a Warrior 1988 second-round pick to the Bucks in exchange for Nelson being allowed to coach or handle player personnel decisions.

Golden State formally named Nelson general manager Thursday, a day after the compensation agreement was announced.

"I was ready to resign," Nelson told the Chronicle. "I'm happy that the compensation issue is resolved, but there was no way I was going to let the Bucks hurt the Warriors with more than a second-round pick."

Buck owner Herb Kohl allowed him to join the Warriors six months ago despite two years remaining on his contract as Milwaukee's coach. But the contract stipulated that Nelson not be allowed to coach or be involved in player moves for any other team during that period.

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