Coach Is Suspended From Arizona St. Track Program

Arizona State track Coach Clyde Duncan has been suspended by the school as investigations continue that could result in the "death penalty," meaning a shutdown of the track program for one or two years.

Duncan was relieved of all duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation. The Pacific 10 is also investigating the program.

The "death penalty" comes into play because the Sun Devil baseball team was penalized for a major violation Dec. 10, 1984, and barred from postseason play for one year. Under National Collegiate Athletic Assn. rules, a second major violation by a school within five years could result in the "death penalty" for the second sport.

Four Arizona State track athletes told the Phoenix Gazette in November of several violations, including illegal payments, illegal transportation provided to athletes, falsifying a qualifying form for the 1987 NCAA championships and asking an athlete to lie to Pac-10 investigators.

The newspaper reported Tuesday that allegations being investigated by the Pac-10 are more severe, including one alleging that Duncan gave cash to an Arizona State athlete for a plane trip.

Leroy Walker, former Olympic track and field coach, will join the track team as a consultant in Duncan's absence.

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