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Compiled by Terry Atkinson

"Puss in Boots." Home Vision. $29.95. Based on the Charles Perrault fairy tale, this irreverent, picaresque, two-act dance fantasy by Roland Petit for Ballet de Marseille is ceaselessly inventive in its many caractere passages, but much less persuasive in neoclassic sequences. It boasts an appealing patchwork-Tchaikovsky score, deftly stitched together by John Lanchbery and spectacular dancing scenery by Josef Svoboda. Dominique Khalfouni and Jean-Pierre Aviotte are ideally cast as the elegant, lyrical lovers-in-jeopardy, and Jean-Charles Verchere is sensational as the punk Ogre who ventures some Michael Jackson-style moonwalking to show he's baaad. Best of all: virtuoso Patrick Dupond as the irresistible, high-flying wondercat. Information: (800) 826-3456. ***

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