Writer Takes Her to 'a Special Place'

Mike Boehm's articles almost always touch my heart. A warm feeling envelopes me when I read his heartfelt, soul-searching articles.

He always goes deep into the purest part of someone and does not just (deal with) the outer appearance or their chronological progression in time.

It's good to know there are, in this cold and calculating black-and-white world, writers who have a sense of responsibility, plus charm and wit to go along with the seriousness of the article.

There is a full spectrum of personalities, ideas and attitudes in this Big Old World and not too many writers are willing to acknowledge it and Boehm is one of those closely in touch with the mystery of the spirit, of man's innermost feelings and aspirations.

Reading his articles takes me to that special place where I first met these musicians and brings back celestial memories of when I was a tender bamboo shoot. Now I am a crust-laden old goat with my dreams being crushed by the invasion on my mind of strange ideas about responsibility and the paying off of Visa bills.



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