Ben Jonson, famous British 17th Century poet and dramatist, made a prophetic statement when he wrote: "Truth is the trial of itself, And needs no other touch, And purer than the purest gold, Refine it ne'er so much."

Now, over 250 years later, another Ben Johnson, the Canadian track star, is being urged by his adviser Drew Mearns to come forward and tell the truth and admit he took steroids, the use of which cost him his Olympic gold medal in the 100-meter dash. He contends that Johnson's future will be ruined if he does not take a truthful position. It all shows that 17th-Century advice is still good advice today. Instead of denying the truth, Johnson would be wise to adhere to the advice of his adviser and his 17th Century namesake and tell all. It is better to admit one's mistakes and be forgiven, then to go through an entire life being considered a liar.



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