Fishing Notes /Dan Stanton : Southland Areas Producing Variety of Catches on Squid

It’s Oktoberfest on the deep sea fishing scene as anglers can catch a mixed bag of fish in any area.

The wide open yellowtail bite is going on at Catalina Island, San Clemente Island and the 2-day trips to the Cortez.

Rocky point has been the hot spot for white sea bass for the local day boats.

When the bite slows and squid is sent to the bottom, good size rockfish can round out the catch.


The Pacifica returned Tuesday morning from a 2-day trip to the Cortez and reported the yellowtail fishing was terrific, with live squid being the choice bait.

Capt. Guy Ashly said when anglers could maneuver their bait past the yellows the tuna would attack.

Good fishing for rock cod and lingcod continues as these bottom dwellers can’t resist the squid.

Fishing off the rocks at King Harbor, Barney Nelson of Hermosa Beach and his 11-year-old son Harold were catching some small bonito and mackerel when the bite slowed. They rebaited and braced the rods between the rocks to relax and eat some sandwiches when one of the rods pulled out and headed toward the water.


Harold scrambled down and retrieved the bent rod and began reeling in as far as he was able. As the leader came up to the end of the rod, a sand shark flipped free of the hook.

The Cabo Assn. of boat owners’ weekend marlin mania entrants failed to land any marlin as the boats traveled more than 100 miles out from the South Bay to Dana Point. Phil Wade, spokesman for the group, said only a 80-pound mako was weighed in by Carson angler Jan Gerbera.