Local News in Brief : Computer ‘Hacker’ Again Denied Bail

A “hacker” charged with infiltrating computer systems in the United States and England, was declared “a very, very great danger to the community” Tuesday by a judge who renewed his imprisonment without bail.

U.S. District Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer made her ruling after Kevin David Mitnick, 25, of Panorama City pleaded not guilty to computer fraud charges and his attorney urged the judge to release him on bail.

Defense attorney Alan Rubin, who argued that Mitnick is “being held incommunicado” and being treated more harshly than men charged with violent crimes, accused the government of exaggerating the seriousness of the case.


Mitnick is accused of unauthorized use of MCI long-distance codes to tap into computers at Leeds University in England and USC and of causing $4 million damage to a Digital Equipment Corp. computer system.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Leon Weidman said additional charges will likely be filed against Mitnick next week. “We believe he’s extremely dangerous and should not be allowed any access to a computer or telephone,” Weidman said.