'Justice Has Paid Off,' Boggs Says of Ex-Lover

From Associated Press

Wade Boggs, almost as confident now in the judicial system as he is at the plate, said today that "justice has paid off" in a decision throwing out a major section of his former girlfriend's lawsuit.

"This is a landmark decision for me," Boggs said. "I'm in from the ocean and headed toward port. . . . It was just a matter of time.

"I did it the right way. I went through the legal system. I've said all along that it would come out in my favor."

Over the weekend, the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana threw out a key part of Margo Adams' $12-million lawsuit against Boggs, ruling she cannot sue for emotional distress.

With the decision, Adams, of Costa Mesa, cannot seek $11.5 million for pain she contended Boggs caused her by allegedly accusing her of extortion in an FBI interview, Boggs' lawyer, Jennifer King, said.

"I'm very happy with the decision," Boggs said before joining teammates for the daily practice at Chain O'Lakes Park. "I'm pleased with the way that it's gone through the judicial system. It shows that there's justice, that the system works."

Adams filed the $12-million suit for breach of oral contract after her four-year relationship with Boggs. The Boston Red Sox All-Star third baseman, who is married with two children, has admitted the affair.

"We are extremely happy with this decision," King said. "The part of the lawsuit they had hoped to get the most amount of money for is now gone."

In its decision, made public Saturday, the appellate court ruled that the emotional distress claim was groundless because Boggs' alleged statements to FBI agents constituted privileged information.

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