In Brief : Trial Ordered for 2 Sports Agents

From Times Wire Services

A federal judge today ordered a joint trial for two sports agents accused of using cash and threats to lure college athletes.

The trial of Norby Walters and Lloyd Bloom promises to reveal a glimpse at what federal prosecutors say is the seamier side of college sports, complete with the testimony of several professional athletes who dealt with the two agents.

U.S. District Judge George Marovich said he will begin impaneling jurors today after rejecting a defense attorney’s request to have Bloom and Walters tried separately.

Defense attorney Dan Webb said he wanted to have Bloom, 29, tried separately from Walters, 58, because their defenses could conflict with each other.


Walters and Bloom, both New York-based, are accused of offering cash, cars, clothing, concert tickets and trips to dozens of college athletes in exchange for signed--and usually postdated--agreements giving them exclusive rights to represent the athletes in professional contract negotiations.