‘California’s Children’

I have searched and searched for some compelling words that would persuade our governor to change his mind about defunding the programs that benefit “California’s Children” (editorial, Feb. 27). If he follows through on his proposal to cut funding for the Office of Family Planning, groups such as the Orange County-based Coalition Concerned With Adolescent Pregnancy (CCAP) will cease to exist.

Pregnancy is the prime reason that most girls drop out of school. Welfare and medical bills are enormous. Family planning and prevention education is the most cost-effective program offered by the state. For every dollar spent, $6.60 is saved.

In Orange County, 80,000 youths in schools, churches and youth programs are presently served by CCAP. They are being taught to make responsible decisions regarding their sexuality. Their questions are being answered.

If such agencies close, who will they go to? Parents who are unable or unwilling to give answers? Their peers who are uninformed? TV? The movies? You bet!


Is that what we want for our children? No, Gov. Deukmejian, they deserve better. They deserve “broader horizons.”


Huntington Beach