Irvine Man to Publish Directory of Writers' Available Works

The problem with Hollywood, Orange Coast College writing instructor Raymond Obstfeld says, is that nobody has the time to read.

"It's always the same story," says the author of nearly 30 novels. "They want a one-page synopsis. Nobody wants to read the books."

The same goes for the 25,000 screenplays that are registered with Writers Guild of America (West) each year. As a teacher who has read "a ton" of student manuscripts, Obstfeld said he is sympathetic with the problem.

The Irvine writer, who has had five screenplays optioned by Hollywood producers over the years, thinks he has a solution that will benefit both writers and producers.

It is called the Official Directory of Available Scripts, Treatments, Novels, Plays and Stories, a large-format quarterly publication that will feature one-page synopses of manuscripts available for purchase or optioning by film producers.

Obstfeld's Windmill Press will publish the first directory in July.

The directory will be distributed free of charge to more than 900 studio executives and independent producers in Los Angeles and New York.

The idea, according to Obstfeld, is to allow producers to tell by reading the synopsis whether they would be interested in the project. If so, they can then call the writer or the writer's agent to request the full manuscript. Obstfeld said he got the idea for the service after his own agent kept "bugging" him for years to do one-page synopses of all his novels.

Each synopsis will include a summary of the plot and a description of each major character, in addition to listing the length, genre, major settings and time period. It also will include the author's credits and, if applicable, his literary representative.

The cost to a writer for a one-page synopsis is $100. For an additional $75 fee, Obstfeld will include a full-page author profile. And for writers who find it too difficult to encapsulate their screenplay or book manuscript, he will write the entire synopsis for an additional $100.

"They'll get their exposure of their writing project to people who are in a position to actually do something about it whereas to actually reach those people on their own may take much longer," Obstfeld said. "The usual process without this is to find an agent first, which is just as hard, or harder, than finding an actual producer.

"Is it not worth $100 to get your idea out to the people who have the power to move on it?"

Obstfeld, who has been sending brochures about the directory to writing groups and college and university writing programs, said nearly 50 writers from around the country already have signed up for the service,

"This is just an effort to get some control over what happens," he said. "We are not acting as an agent. We don't get a cut. We just do the editorial service. Whatever representative they list with us, that's who gets called."

For information, call Windmill Press at (714) 786-7062.

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