Worker Killed in Accident at Storage Yard

An employee of a Wilmington cargo container storage yard was killed Friday when a 5,000-pound empty container fell on him.

Nick Martin, president of Martin Container Service, said that Adrian Jacinto, 22, of Wilmington, died after a locking device on the top of a container loosened and the container fell on him.

Martin said he did not know why the lock released. He declined to say what Jacinto, a container repairman, was doing, other than to say that Jacinto was on duty at the time the accident occurred.

He said Jacinto had never had an accident at work during the year he worked for Martin Container, and that no other employee has been killed at the yard in the 14 years that the firm has been active.


Martin said that Jacinto is survived by his wife, who is pregnant, and by a young child.

Los Angeles police and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the death.