Raging Waters Loses Bid for Fireworks

County fire prevention officials have doused plans for weekly fireworks shows at Raging Waters. Operators of the aquatic theme park had hoped to present the shows every Saturday night, through Labor Day. But Assistant Fire Chief Ron Jones said the dry brush and expensive homes surrounding Raging Waters make it unfit for fireworks displays.

Officials granted the park a fireworks permit for July 4 and sent a crew of fire prevention officers to monitor the show. Fire officers eliminated high-altitude skyrockets, and pyrotechnicians shot the fireworks away from the dry brush. Still, embers from the fireworks were found smoldering in the chaparral.

"We're lucky we didn't have a fire on the Fourth of July," Jones said. "It just doesn't show good judgment to shoot fireworks off into dry brush. . . . The people who live in that particular area were not too happy at the idea of fireworks."

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