There Are No Surprises in Rose Book

Associated Press

Pete Rose denies in his authorized biography that he ever bet on baseball, but he says he deserved to be suspended because of his associations and illegal gambling.

The former manager of the Cincinnati Reds also says in the book that he agreed to lend one of his main accusers $10,000 to try to keep his illegal gambling a secret.

Rose said he eventually accepted a lifetime ban from baseball last August because it was the best deal he could get.

“I have no regrets,” Rose says in the book, “Pete Rose: My Story.” “I did some bad and stupid things. I deserve to be punished.”


The book, Rose’s official biography, was written by Roger Kahn. It contains no major revelations. It does repeat Rose’s denial that he bet on baseball and his denial that he knew his close associates were involved in drug dealing.

Kahn writes in the book that he believes Rose’s denials.