Poly, Paramount Each Place 5 on Times' South Coast All-Star Team

Poly and Paramount high schools each placed five players on The Times' South Coast All-Star Team.

The Paramount players are offensive linemen Kevin Murphy and Mike De La Cruz, quarterback Jack Manu, running back Leon Neal and linebacker Dan Godfrey.

Representing Poly are tight end Chris Love, running back Andre Green, defensive lineman Don Sasa, linebacker Willie McGinest and defensive back Jason Jones.

Dominguez has four all-stars: offensive lineman Cleve Aiono, running back Bruce Walker, linebacker Malculm Hunt and defensive back William Johnson.

Also on the team are defensive tackle Mark Ryan and defensive back Donn Cunnigan of Gahr, offensive linemen Buster Layton and DeMario Vaughn and defensive lineman Jermaine Busby of Wilson, wide receiver Joel Rosborough and kicker Steve Falatea of Jordan and linebacker Scott Thielman and defensive back Keith Baker of Millikan.

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