THORNYHOLD by Mary Stewart (Fawcett Crest: $5.95). Gilly Ramsey did not anticipate inheriting her aunt's reputation as a witch when she was awarded her estate.

HEART MOUNTAIN by Gretel Ehrlich (Penguin: $8.95). The desolation of a Wyoming relocation camp during World War II mirrors the despair, stoicism and defiance of its prisoners.

SAVAGE THUNDER by Johanna Lindsey (Avon: $4.95). Rebellious English aristocrat travels to the Arizona frontier and into the arms of her Indian guide.

RHINE MAIDENS by Carolyn See (Fawcett Crest: $3.95). Mother and daughter's fierce determination to lead separate and independent lives reveals some surprising similarities.

THE PLEDGE by Howard Fast (Dell: $5.95). Roman a clef involving a writer's confrontation with the House on Unamerican Activites Committee.


THE MAGIC LANTERN by Ingmar Bergman (Penguin: $10.95). Autobiography of the film maker, from isolated childhood to international fame.

SIX MONTHS OFF: An American Family's Australian Adventure by Lamar Alexander (Quill: $9.95). Two-term Tennessee governor recounts how he and his family got better acquainted on an extended vacation.

MANZANAR by John Armor and Peter Wright (Vintage: $16.95). Famed photographer Ansel Adam's black-and-white pictures record daily life in this Japanese-American internment camp.

DAKOTA DAYS by John Green (St. Martin's: $3.95). Yoko Ono's tarot-card reader and psychic offers his opinion of the private Lennon.


THE NEW PENGUIN GUIDE TO COMPACT DISCS AND CASSETTES YEARBOOK 1989 by Edward Greenfield, Robert Layton and Ivan March (Penguin: $12.95). Classical recordings indexed by composer with evaluations of specific performances.

THE 1990 INFORMATION PLEASE ALMANAC, edited by Otto Johnson (Houghton Mifflin: $6.95). Provides easy access to maps, history, sports facts, special articles by experts, and much more.

GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS 1990, edited by Norris McWhirter (Bantam: $4.95). References to the biggest, longest, oldest, fastest and just the all- around best!

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